Episode 1 – Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 1

Strange Familiars explores a variety of subjects in a combination of storytelling, reporting, interviews, and discussion. Cryptids, ghosts, folklore, mythology, and paranormal topics.

Our first cycle of episodes will explore some local legends from York County, Pennsylvania beginning with Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell. In the first episode we talk a little about Toad Road and the Seven Gates, where they are, what they might be, and what they are not. We disprove some urban legends and head to Hex Hollow for discussions about powwow, witchcraft, ghosts, will-o-the-wisps, cryptid creatures, and the famous “hex murder”.


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Episode 1 notes and links:

Much of the research for this episode was done for our first book, Beyond the Seventh Gate

The Phillip Smith interview was done by Catherine Diehl.

Lon Strickler can be found at Phantoms and Monsters.

Support Sarada at her Etsy shop.

Tara Vanflower has several books on Amazon.

You can also support Jo Cosgrove at her Etsy shop.

Strange Familiars is a production of Dark Holler Arts, LLC. Music, art, podcasts, books, and more. darkhollerarts.com

Intro and background music by Stone Breath – which is our band. You can find more at the Stone Breath bandcamp page.

Episode 1 images:

Toad Road – the gate end


Dr. Belknap

Dr. H.P. Belknap


Dr Crandall's Health School

Dr. Crandall’s Health School


The "Hex" House

The “Hex” House – Nelson D. Rehmeyer’s former residence


Hex Hollow 7

Hex Hollow 5

Hex Hollow 4

Hex Hollow 2

Several closed roads in Hex Hollow.


Creepy Shoe

A creepy sight – we found this single shoe, with teeth marks, off trail in Hex Hollow.


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