Episode 10: Iron and the Supernatural, part 1: Changelings

In Episode 10 we start our ongoing series discussing iron and the supernatural. With Joshua Cutchin, we talk about iron and the fae folk, changelings, and more – and then we hear some old stories regarding changelings, including one that went horribly wrong.

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Episode 10 notes and links:

Sarada: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtBySarada

Joshua Cutchin: http://www.amazon.com/Joshua-Cutchin/e/B00YPH8ODY/


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3 thoughts on “Episode 10: Iron and the Supernatural, part 1: Changelings

  1. I have loved your podcast from day one ! Your music , your voices and your stories really are a special treat♡ Thank you for all your hard work ♡

  2. Don’t know if you covered this… I have a hobby of learning about medicinal and edible plants. One day it hit me, everything that kills a vampire is (at least believed) to be anti fugal and viral and what you would need if you got sick, water (mineral best), garlic, silver (originally for vampires not werewolves), sunlight, and oak. There is always something deeper to be observed we just have been taught falsely that there is nothing to see here.

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