Episode 24: Sasquatch and the Faerie Realm

Timothy and Joshua Cutchin discuss a very strange article from Timothy’s latest book, Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men. Joshua has made many observations in the past linking different modern paranormal phenomena with folkloric accounts of Celtic faerie encounters. This particular article, dating from 1857, contains a vast amount of elements which seem to link this bigfoot abduction with faerie lore.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 24: Sasquatch and the Faerie Realm

  1. On demons…

    You know what the problem is… the Christian’s need to get a labor union going in the DWF…demon wrestling federation.

    Have you ever seen it? No labor board would approve of the low level of standard carried out here, the place would be closed down for un-sanitary working conditions…

    They literal take a guy on his last breath, his last dollar, his last burger, and put them in a strangle hold the MMA wouldn’t approve of. Their cage match pay per view special was in a hospital intensive care unit bed for Christ sake. The guy was already half pinned down by disease, wires, and machines, before that Demon came in and put the finishing moves on him… not fair at all…

    I know a guy who lifted weights and took martial arts, fighting up through the ranks, building up to enter their demon ring and take on the DWF champion and they wouldn’t let him fight, said he had the wrong training his health was a problem. He stopped working out, muscle turned to flab, he started smoking and drinking, got liver disease. the day the health care system cancelled his insurance, the DWF called him back asked if he was still interested in competing, let them know as he was a shoe in at the top of there list.

    And I’ve seen enough DWF matches go wrong to know Jesus isn’t the best choice for a tag team partner, he’s kind of slow on the draw, you try and tap him in and he kind of just holds his hand just out of reach, a true pacifist he’ll wait and see the whole situation out let god be the judge, while his partner screams reaching out in a super cancer suplex hold dying.

    I know unions can get a bad rep but in this circumstance it should be rhetorical. Demons just do not wrestle fair, and they only like to wrestle with people at their worst in their lowest condition and in the worst of conditions.

    Who will be the next contender…

    There are a line of them now at the buffet, in rush hour traffic, in the Mc D’s window lane, training for their bout…

    don’t miss it tonight Jimmy Sugar Stickup vs the Triple Bypass Burger Kid in the subway sandwich line…

    Subway when a $5 diet menu becomes a $20 choking hazard. see it all on the DWF network…

  2. A serious comment now if I’m capable IDK?

    When I hear the talk of skepticism in the paranormal what pops in my mind is that what the “thing” is will probably never be revealed.

    I agree, evolution is their to prevent stagnation, stagnant pools of academic and psychiatric thought expressed in generalizations and round downs and cut ups called absolutes, are a choice, and some might claim a mental condition, most certainly conditioning. Not reality. Life is ever changing, evolving, exciting, our dangling astray to explain what should be done with words has left life limp, and our minds sterile.

    Like the Sun and the Earth in orbit all things are in a evolutionary drift, the facts drift, wax, and wane. If even .00000000000000000000000001 it is a difference. Fluxuation demonstrates there are no constants, we force them. Our western world view won’t allow for fluxuation seeing as we spawned directly from the apis ass himself. we can’t be wrong. The ancient cultures didn’t have this cultural terror of uncertainties, nor the psychotic idealistic fundamentalist belief in certainties we have…

    So I agree what it is will never be revealed as it is not above us, but beyond us.

    As far as what it does I think that is obvious. It pushes us passed our own boundaries.

    So I would clarify this with proof in when people just focus on what it is, they get nowhere, but those who interact with it, find it is a door, your a door, I’m a door, we are all doors. Misunderstood as being the reactions with Ka.

    Religion took form from the ancient Ka system which was Seasonal symbolism related to month. You begin the year in Cow animal on zodiac, so Ka is launching point. Humans took this concept of starting with bull, in many ways, and devised a literal on first as a drawing of it called the Apis. then like all writing, an old wise witch once told me they call it spelling for a reason, humans want to draw out of it more than what is really ever there.

    so the next logical step was to make a literal Apis, first they tries representations as statues and, poetry but it was no substitute for the real thing. So they took a real cow finally and called it the Apis and now as the symbol acted as a vehicle for the gods now this Bull shall be the vehicle…and humans ever loving beasts of hubris only had one more conclusion to draw before the six degrees of cattle would lead back to he. So humanity said well if a damn symbol can be god, and if that stupid cow, can do it, then why can’t I be the vessel of god on Earth…sound insane?

    And so they made the Apis a man and you can see it born at the end of the Japanese Yakuza classic GOZU

    Just look at the stats… guys who focus on what it is are perceived to, go nuts, become known as kookie…

    Guys who take the experience and utilize it as inspiration go on to do great things…E.T.? Eliooooooootttt!

    I think Avildsen and Stalone should have sued somebody…Adrieeeennnnnnn! and Italian Americans should be abhorred they were used as the model for an extree ta rest triola…

    Explains why the name was originally the guinny pigs touch… and set in Las Vegas.

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