Episode 29: The Michaux Roar

Timothy heads out to Michaux State Forest in Franklin County, PA to meet with Geof – a bigfoot witness / experiencer. Geof takes Timothy to the location of his possible bigfoot sighting and areas where he heard creatures walking, rock clacks, knocks, a terrifying roar. They also visit Pond Bank where they discuss the White Lady of Pond Bank – another example of a woman-in-white associated with cryptid activity. While at Pond Bank something strange is captured in the background of the recording.

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Episode 28 notes and links:

Timothy’s books: https://www.amazon.com/Timothy-Renner/e/B072X44SD5

The image of the bigfoot roaring used in this episode is from Timothy’s book, Bigfoot in Pennsylvania.


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1 thought on “Episode 29: The Michaux Roar

  1. Amazing listening to your 2nd show on lights. The lights seem to be giving out the symbolism…Horse…Water…Blue…Red…Green…cow…pine…they may set the symbolism…it would be interesting to see how it adds up…is the symbolic ether paved by these others and our seers pick up their signals and bring it back to the people? My writing did the same thing…hit on the symbols on instinct…

    Neither the red or blue lights seemed anything but wondrous…don’t buy into any paranormal western minded fear mongering…who is your favorite star, musician? Tell me if they showed up at your door right as you were reading this and knocked three times you wouldn’t be afraid? It doesn’t mean it’s evil, we fear lots of things good for us as well as bad…and we always fear our teachers or those with success in places we wish to reach into…

    that’s what I told my parents when I dropped out of the second grade…teachers are in fact metaphorical demons sent to possess my mind in five easy steps by talking about commercial products I’ve used and then defining me by them in a game of new age old hooey…Little Johnny would you please put down that savage trash on astrology and please take out a pen and I want you to do a five year plan…Johnny says here it is I already had Madam Esmaraldo at the mall do my whole life for me do I get an A this time?

    The teacher looks at Johnny we’ll did Madam Esmaraldo give you a psychological analysis or explain what generation you fall under, or the difference between a democrat and a republican, as the syllabus set buy our own astute Madam Esmaraldo’s at Harvard and Regis have done to correct the mistakes of Charlatan games of the past like simple association…you get an F then…and the rest of the class gets to write about how I spent my summer…and she takes a blank paper puts a F on it takes it to Johnny and says sign here…Job Done

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