Episode 3: Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 3

In episode 3 we journey back to Toad Road and discuss ghosts, bigfoot, the Hidebehind, cryptids, iron furnaces, missing persons, and more – including some very dark, very real true crime stories which took place in the area.

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Much of the research for this episode was done for our first book, Beyond the Seventh Gate.

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Intro and background music by Stone Breath – which is our band. You can find more at the Stone Breath bandcamp page.

The song which closes this episode is The Hidebehind which can be found on the Stone Breath album CRYPTIDS.

Images for episode 3:

Toad Road – the one and only gate. (photo by Timothy)

Toad Rd Sycamore

One of the big sycamore trees along Toad Road. (photo by Timothy)

Mystery Figure

The mystery figure from the banks of the Trout Run. (photo by Timothy)

What Darren Saw

What Darren saw. (illustration by Timothy)

Flint Mill Ruins

Flint mill ruins along Toad Road. (photo by Anthony)

Toad Road North End 1

Toad Road – north side. (photo by Timothy)

Toad Road ruins

Ruins along Toad Road. (photo by Anthony)

Toad Road - bowling pins

Bowling pins found on Toad Road… random strangeness. (photo by Anthony)

Toad Rd North End 2

Another view of Toad Road on the north side. (photo by Anthony)

Codorus Furnace

Codorus Furnace. (photo by Anthony) – prints of this image area available: click here.

Codorus Furnace - drawing

Codorus Furnace. (drawing by Timothy) – prints of this image are available: click here.

YouTube stream for episode 3:

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