Episode 31: Wild Men of the Circus and Asylums

Alison returns to talk with Timothy about historical wild men of a different sort (not bigfoot). Circus sideshow and dime museum “wild men” performers as well as unfortunate souls – itinerants, the insane, or simply people who wandered away from society, looked different, and were labeled “wild men” often out of fear. We talk about Houdini, The Wild Men of Borneo, the Fiji Cannibals, Eko and Iko, and other circus performers. We also discuss the strange and sad case of a York County “wild man” who eventually ended up in the County Alms House with the diagnosis “troubled with ghosts”.

Two forms which note Dan Luckenbaugh’s Form of Disease – first “Troubled with ghosts” – and later, simply “ghosts”.

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Episode 31 notes and links:

The cover image is from Timothy’s collection of wild man photographs.


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Intro and background music by Stone Breath. You can find more at http://stonebreath.bandcamp.com

The song which closes the episode is A Maid in Bedlam by Stone Breath. This song appears on the Stone Breath album Spear of Flame, Horse of Air.  https://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/album/spear-of-flame-horse-of-air

Timothy‘s live album, recorded by himself in a haunted church. Live Alone 1 is now available: https://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/album/live-alone-1

2 thoughts on “Episode 31: Wild Men of the Circus and Asylums

  1. This is why I slam psychiatry every chance I get while I hear everybody else s%%$$ their d##$ and eating their salad. My wife is in college now taking psychology classes. They gave her this assignment that is called a love triangle. So some lazy pathetic I’m guessing white person come up with it by taking three words that can be applied to love and trying to claim you can simplify and describe all of humanity with this lazy form of cop out bs they called we did research. To further my point a man began expanding the words and the field, and teacher like all lazy sorry sob’s complains, in starting doing some real work finally he’s just complicating their slight of hand for the half blind side show attraction. I say they are all sorry as shit. Grown educated primates walk leaps to the consumer market, but when it comes to intellect taking weak little baby steps as always, if you want to do something like this then you need to take every word in the language and apply it to love, what sell out brainwashed chump has the time, mind, know how to put in that kind of real work? No lets pick three words, did it all in five easy steps, learn the entire human psych in 7 minutes or your opinions back. And these quacks have the right to prescribe highly dangerous junk with questionable results to people already teetering on the edge? You know there are better books than jung and freuit to jerk off to sleep too at night…I’m sorry I apologize I probably insulted the whole ufo field who mentions and thinks of jung and freuit more than their own spouses…Again guess I’m the only one who thinks or has the balls to go up against authority in reality….Most people “I hate psy crap what a sham oh you’re jung oh I love you man can I get your autograph (text to all friend’s I’m hanging with jung!) ok I’ll take three of these morphine patches one of these lsd pills you give mass shooters, which one’s the less of two evils I’ll take 3 of those….”

  2. In response to light show… talk more you have the most interesting ideas… ok I get it good ideas come when they come do as you do you do it well…

    No kindling? remember I wrote you about going to a funeral bearing the dead persons flesh…well… the fairies are plants…so they’ll rip that little leaf right off like there’s a new car under there, so you better wear a martial arts belt when you go to faye world, like those guys in all those Sumerian tablets, you can take the “T” the “belly T” the “belt” the symbolic bell, and make a banana hammock out of it in “the fall” (nakedity) so say the fairies…but not a real one

    And red is the best color it means time to RE BELL THE LION REBELION… “Foo dog” “Guard lion” “dragon headed totempole” the real uprising those who reach for power and knowledge not those who shun it…plants not people…

    Illumination you will notice makes no sense if Mithra looks at the sun he goes blind…well Mithra is a plant…not a stuffed full of religious hubris human pig…alice is a plant, peter pan is a plant, who else has to slap you across the face with a green broad object you’ll never see…why because Nefer Egyptian Beauty means (neferland neverland) GOOD..GREAT…GREEN…GRAIN…Gold…grape…”G” well I never? It’s nefer…

    What the hell is my point? no I’m asking I really don’t know… huh? yeah…well I don’t know about that Tim that’s pretty sick… wow I can’t believe you would say something so lewd… now Tim settled down Tim no Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..ahagaga…

    You should have heard and seen all the horrible things Tim was just doing and saying boy you’d have to call the butterfly nets in…wow it is sure easy to talk about someone not there isn’t it…I can make Tim say and do and think anything…muah hahaha..

    History 101…as above so in your books…not your’s the ones they say “we” we this we that to make you think is your book…

    Help me life is hacking in right now I see a key board with qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’ do you see it too? And a white screen that says what I’m typing…omg it,s all hacking in, the floor, the ceiling, the light, my #!#@!#@!

    So magic is imagining you are a seed full of potential and using the world to break out of your shell and carve out your own field of life in a world built for cemeteries among the living dead…so we used to burn the dead to raise them..now we bury them to re seed them and we do rituals like wear corny capes at our nape and do lame ceremonies pseudo singing in monotone like we saw on race with the devil and wrote down as the pastor gave the satanic formuler in church…all in mockery of her son…what a bunch of creeps…the occult is…

    hold on flannel man is here what up essay you just get out of the clink dog eeee…the government just beamed him back to the big bird house homes…they got a boogey man in there too that makes the flannel man look like a guy wearing a yellow mop for a wig with cool aid for rouge…don’t ever go to a haunted prison vato are you loco…

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