Episode 32: Earthlights, Elf-Lights, and UFOs

Timothy talks to two guests about strange lights. First we hear Jerry tell a story about seeing (and photographing!) a mystery light in Iceland. We also talk about the Brown Mountain lights, which Jerry has also seen, weird lights in York County, and more. Then Timothy welcome’s Matt to the show, who tells about a UFO and some other strange experiences in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Jerry’s photos of the Iceland light and some elf-houses:

Episode 32 notes and links:

The cover image is from Jerry’s photographs of the light anomaly from Iceland.

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1 thought on “Episode 32: Earthlights, Elf-Lights, and UFOs

  1. If this is too lewd please feel free to take it off…

    Could you get Seriah to do a round table on the phenomenon of three men who jump off a four story building naked with their hard @#$## up each others $#$$$ and when they hit the concrete they all snap @#$%$…

    I mean if the paranormal is going to turn into Mike Shermer 2 electric Boogaloo we might as well have fun with it…

    I would love to see, read, hear, all the know it all responses about “if “they” were there this would have went down” “or if it was “me” that would be the result” “things like it would have happened like this or that, or a litany of scientific explanations for d#$$ breaking and !@@ ripping maybe if we set it in a swamp it will inspire tropical parrots to speak instead of the normal knock off limited programing Teddy Ruxpins. If I’m not there I don’t place myself in the situation but it seems most people do so lets give them some situations to place themselves into and just enjoy the product of the universes most intelligence species…Coming soon discussions on…

    Legend of The 8ft back woods Kielbasa…Peanut gallery go…………….If you sing pass the kielbasiya 666 times in a wooded area naked wearing a cape with the colors of the seasons in the wrong order, a kielbasa will appear and do a complete inner cleansing on your enamies…

    Story of the ufo lights who tried warning people a volcanic eruption was months away, and the people who turned it into the greatest vacation hotspot as a result… sounds of wining, dining, sexy beaching and exotic rock climbing…sound effect of a nuclear bomb exploding……..

    The man with no arms and legs who keistered the entire prison Christmas dinner, presents, and a big beautiful prickly pine tree, with a giant angel on top…in his beard…Well boys and girls Bill Deny the pseudo science guy who has no beard, says he once keistered across the Mexican border an entire…breaking news interruption…I’m not a religious person…

    Demon Wrestling Federation Super Red Cap Summer Slam only 666.99 Jimmy the 2 bit fly on a wall shook up commentates with the Honky Talk Man…See people wrestling live with demon’s…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound effects of a nuclear explosion……

    Demons the movie…an Alan Smithee production…don’t look in the woods…nuclear explosion…don’t look in the fog…nuclear explosion…don’t trust your ear… don’t trust your own eyes….screaming and eyes spoonfulled out in a delight of demonic rage…nuclear explosion…don’t learn don’t think…don’t…explosion…or else…explosion…Demons coming in original print to a pawn shop near you…be the first to know what not to ever do…don’t………..

    I’m refreshed to hear another person is tired of the outsiders who never step into the ring wanting to explain things by repeating…Repeaters…they have no class…no imagination… no experience… with no thought process of their own, and so figure you are one of them…Repeaters sick, sadistic, sassy, full of a jealous self righteousness that oozes no sexual prowess nor podcast groupies… and now they are coming to take yours…Repeaters…word and books have made birds of men…see the movie that made Nicky Cruz put back down the cross and pick up a blade…see the movie that made the pope break all seven strings of his guitar during a televised guitar solo to Jesus…Repeaters…you’ll go home and cry in the shower…Viewer secretion disAdvised…

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