Episode 40: The Bigfoot Erotica Show (patrons)

Strange Familiars episode 40: The Bigfoot Erotica Show is available now…

Timothy and Alison sit down to talk about a variety of topics.

First we discuss a disturbing dream. Could it be related to Joshua Cutchin’s new book, Thieves in the Night?

Next we answer some AMA questions and cover a number of topics as we answer: DIY culture, zines, folk music, photography, circus and sideshow performers, and more.

Finally, because you demanded it (not really), we talk about a recently trending news topic, bigfoot erotica.

(Due to the topics discussed and at least one “f-bomb” dropped by Timothy – and not censored – this episode probably isn’t suitable for all ages. Listener discretion is advised.)

This is a special episode done for our patrons … to hear this and all our patron content, become a Strange Familiars patron at Patreon

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