Patron Episode #1: The Mt. Nebo Monster (coming soon)

Mill Ruins
Earlier this week we were out recording some on-site audio for what will be our first patron-only episode, The Mt. Nebo Monster. This episode has to do with a cluster of bigfoot sightings centered around a specific area – but which occurred over many, many years – starting in the 1800’s and occuring as recently as 2011.

Mill Ruins 2


While we were out surveying the area we came across an opossum in a mailbox! Seek the strange and the strange seeks you… (all photos by Anthony┬áHoskin).


Opossum in a mailbox


The patron episodes will be available to our Patreon subscribers at the $3 a month level and up. The more subscribers we get, the more episodes we’ll make. If you like what we’re doing, consider becoming a patron – you’ll help us continue to do what we do – and you’ll get MORE of it as well.

We’re working on “The Mt. Nebo Monster” now – we’ll put it up for patrons as soon as it’s ready.

2 thoughts on “Patron Episode #1: The Mt. Nebo Monster (coming soon)

  1. I found episode 1 on Where did the Road Go and really enjoyed it. While I do subscribe to a number of podcasts, I like to have a larger sample library than one show to base my decisions on. If you keep up the high quality program, I am sure I’ll be subscribing. Congratulations on an interesting beginning.

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