Episode 15: Kelly, Don’t Pet the Devil Monkey

In this episode we talk with Aaron David and Kelly from the Charm the Water podcast. Aaron and Kelly talked about some strange things going on around their house during a recent Charm the Water episode. Some of the things they were describing set off some alarms for us and made us think: they are going to have a cryptid sighting soon. Not long after, we saw Aaron post on Facebook that they had seen a cryptid creature. We immediately asked them to come on Strange Familiars.

We talk about Charm the Wateroccult spirituality, magic, and more. We also discuss their cryptid sighting and how it may be connected with the occult. Timothy and James also give some hints about some of the things they are experiencing at Site 7 – an area we will talk a lot more about in the future.

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Episode 15 notes and links:

James’ sketch of the devil monkey creature:

Charm the Waterhttp://www.charmthewater.com


Michael Andersonhttps://drekka.bandcamp.com

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October 14, 2017: Albatwitch Day https://www.facebook.com/columbiahistory.net/

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Intro and background music by Stone Breath – which is Timothy’s band. You can find more at http://stonebreath.bandcamp.com

The song which closes the episode is Witch Tree Prophetess from the new Stone Breath album, Witch Tree Prophetshttps://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/album/witch-tree-prophets

4 thoughts on “Episode 15: Kelly, Don’t Pet the Devil Monkey

  1. Any knowledge on white dog sightings? I saw a white dog after a series of synchronicities. I see a lot of animals so I thought initially it was a large albino coyote, or dog. The only thing that seemed odd was it appeared to be frozen in mid eat? Anyone who has a dog knows how dog’s put their head forward and down when they chew. It was standing like that but not moving on the other side of a two lane street with a barrier median between the lanes facing me as I drove by. Then a car passed me going towards it almost immediately after I saw it. Yet the car didn’t break, it was night, and the dog didn’t run across the street behind me that I saw at least? So weird but maybe someone lost a dog even though this was in a super rich covenant area with ponds and no yards or fences, so I imagine no dogs? But it could have travelled from another area? This was already months ago spring time. So then a few weeks ago my wife was watching this show about true stories in the ER. One of the stories was about the staff seeing a white dog in the hospital on Halloween Night. Even more strange they picked about the closest dog for the scene to what I had saw that night. This may have been solved by me already it was a dream premonition that came true shortly after. But still I would be interested in other experiences in connection with white dog sightings. Holy! I was listening to your podcast but I had to pause it because the white hag reminded me so much of white dog. So I stopped it right when Mike stopped and asked Sarada to explain. Then I wrote to you and was doubting if I should even bother. My steam gone I press play and “white dog” I mean wow! , can’t wait to hear what comes next…unpausing now

  2. I’m recovering from the shock here! They saw what I saw. I was just camping in Yellowstone a few weeks ago and driving at night came on a wolf and sure enough it bolted they do not look at you. The dog’s eyes didn’t light up either on my end. Also interesting that I thought of it much as Sarada benevolent which tells me she has similar natural intuitions as I do. And it is not a draw back at all having no fear when fear is completely un-nessacery, it is a gift. And possibly a rare special talent to observe more from your environment. Think of it like the Mandela effect , my version, most people don’t even see the surface of things. Just like Berenstain Bears. As a very observational person a name like Beren Stain couldn’t be ignored by me and replaced by the popular pronunciation. This is really something to think about that people can be told what to see and then see it even though that is clearly not what is really there or intended.

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