Episode 17: UFOs

We’re publishing episode 17 early this week so we can get ready for Monster Mania. Enjoy!

James and Timothy hunt down a UFO landing site in rural Pennsylvania. Was it all a hoax or did something unknown land there in 1977? We also interview multiple guests about their UFO sightings and what they think UFOs might be.

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Episode 17 notes and links:

Our UFO interviewees were, in order:

Aaron David http://www.charmthewater.com
Jeff V.
James R.
Seriah Azkath http://www.wheredidtheroadgo.com
Jeff Ritzmann http://numinousden.blogspot.com



Michael Andersonhttps://drekka.bandcamp.com

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Intro and background music by Stone Breath – which is Timothy’s band. You can find more at http://stonebreath.bandcamp.com

The song which closes the episode is Owl Eyes from the Crow Tongue album, Prophecies and Secrets: The Red Hand Mark in Dubhttps://handeye.bandcamp.com/album/prophecies-and-secrets-the-red-hand-mark-in-dub


1 thought on “Episode 17: UFOs

  1. Why is the Roosters voice a crow? It signals the coming death/rebirth of the sun. What I wonder on ufo’s is if people have seen any other than RED, WHITE, and BLUE/Violet. All the ufo’s I have seen and hear of similar people seeing have all been those colors except in situations when they see a silver disc or cigar. But in the cases of circular ufo’s I have noticed a red, white, and blue trend? My situations I feel are different because I listened to peoples experiences for years and came up with questions first, like how do you know a ufo sees you just because it shot up right when you looked at it? Small example but when I had my experience it made sure that it made me aware it knew I was there. For the limited amount of ufo experience I feel I have they sure have placed their craft in positions for me to make keen observations about their nature. What they remind me of is rainbow light. The same color, tone, they do not radiate light/protons, so if you squint at a ufo and you see those light rays come off it, probably not a real ufo. Now they can have a shimmer around the inner lip of their circumference similar to paintings of Mary with lines coming out around the perimeter. Anyone interested if you want to see a great reenactment of what I have seen check out Unsolved Mysteries Season 4 episode 1. Soldiers in the UK had multiple run in’s with the same things I have seen. Except for the very first sighting which is amazing where the orbs seem to form together like a transformer and shape into one object. A different patrol saw that first and then the next patrol had multiple sightings just like mine. Thanks. Oh and I think crafts are things artists use to convey points/messages across borders/mediums/barriers not space ships. So instead of being the indoctrinated fool in the garage trying to build a home made rocket, just hone an artistic ability/craft with intent on reaching them. A lot simpler.

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